Victoria, ACT and Tasmania fall behind on vaccinations

Victoria, ACT and Tasmania have are have become the only states and territories in which pharmacists are not allowed to administer the flu vaccination.

This follows a move by NSW to allow pharmacists to administer the shot themselves from Thursday.

So far the Pharmacy Guild has trained 175 pharmacists to administer the vaccine.

 The change is “great news for the pharmacy profession and great news for the public of NSW”, says the state’s PSA Branch Director, Steven Drew.

He says the organisation has consulted with pharmacists to develop a standard that will ensure the delivery of high quality and safe vaccination services.

Critical requirements include the successful completion of accredited training and adoption of professional guidelines.

 “Maximising uptake of immunisations is important and the trial of pharmacist-delivered immunisations in Queensland showed that a great number of people were immunised for the first time because of the ease of access to these services through pharmacies.”

NSW Guild branch president Paul Sinclair says the move brings NSW in line with other parts of Australia and the world.

“This is a common-sense move which benefits the health care of consumers in NSW, bringing that state into line with those other Australian jurisdictions which have already taken the step.”


Photo courtesy of Kerrie Stewart, Gundagai Independent