Heather Saxena

Heather Saxena

Senior Reporter

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Guild shares revenue-boosting tips in CP2025 action plan

It highlights the need to work with other health professionals.
21 November 2018

Symbion parent inks exclusive supply deal with Chemist Warehouse Group

The company will take over supply to 450 stores, generating $1bn revenue in first year.
20 November 2018

Five metformin products added to shortages list

The TGA is continuing to contact each sponsor to discuss supply.
19 November 2018

Are we heading for a repeat of the metformin shortages?

TGA contacts sponsors after Arrow Pharma reports supply issues.
15 November 2018

How pharmacists can help people with diabetes correct their needle technique

Survey finds a worrying number of mistakes.
14 November 2018

Where does Australia rank in world drug overdose death rates?

Out of OCED 13 countries, we're right up there.
14 November 2018

Pharmacy trial picks up undiagnosed diabetes cases

Guild says it is encouraged by early figures.
13 November 2018

Former pharmacist in charge banned over home-made dispensing contraption

A tribunal has found him guilty of professional misconduct.
12 November 2018