King review pushes pharmacy groups closer together


United we stand, rather than divided we fall, is the new motto among pharmacy groups, according to the Pharmacy Guild.

And it’s already paying dividends for the profession, says Guild executive director David Quilty.

Pharmacies, pharmacists and the supply are all under considerable pressure and the temptation is to focus on “one’s own narrow interest”, he writes in the Forefront newsletter. 

The united stance in response to the King review interim report is a “powerful demonstration of our strength and influence” when the common good of the profession is put first.

“At the end of the day, no one wins by squabbling over the crumbs of an ever-diminishing pie or by blaming each other for why the pie has diminished in the first place.

“Those outside our sector … who may not have our best interests at heart lick their lips when they see such behaviour, using it as an opportunity to divide and conquer for their own ends and to our ultimate disadvantage.”

A key achievement is a decision by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt to ask his team to work with the Medicines Partnership Australia (MPA) on supply chain issues, Mr Quilty writes.

MPA members include the Guild, PSA, Medicines Australia, National Pharmaceutical Services Association, ASMI and the Generic and Biosimilar Medicines Association.

“The MPA has identified a number of issues, the resolution of which will help enhance patient access to medicines through a well-functioning supply chain,” he writes.

Here are other ways pharmacy groups are collaborating: