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Apotex is Pharmacists' Choice

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Apotex is Pharmacists' Choice

Generic drug manufacturer Apotex Australia claimed the Pharmacists Choice for Outstanding Pharmaceutical Company gong at the annual Prime Awards last night.

Presenting the award, Paul Sinclair, Pharmacy Guild of Australia NSW branch vice president, said all three finalists - Apotex, Alphapharm and Sanofi - displayed a culture of partnership and support for the community pharmacy sector.

Mr Sinclair said community pharmacy was an ever-changing landscape, with pharmacists looking to drug manufacturers and sponsors to work with them to provide the best health outcomes for patients.

“Pharmacists have a unique role to play within the primary health care space, and more and more we look towards partnerships within our industries to help us deliver excellence in everything we do,” he said.

Accepting the award, a spokesperson from Apotex said the company saw its current position as “just the start”, with more than 170 patent expiries in the next five years.

“This position that we’ve got ourselves in, we really see as just the start for us,” the spokesperson said.

“For those of you that know the industry, there’s over 170 patent expiries in the next five years and at least 30 patent challenges, so it’s a tough environment, but we only see opportunities going forward.”

Meanwhile, Pfizer Australia picked up the GPs Choice for Outstanding Pharmaceutical Company Award, for the second year in succession, pipping AstraZenca, Boehringer Ingelheim and Servier.

A company spokesperson said it was an honour for the company, “that has touched the lives of millions of Australians”, to win the gong.


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