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Asthma meds use falls in pregnancy

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Asthma meds use falls in pregnancy

With many women reducing or stopping their asthma medication use during pregnancy, experts believe new strategies are needed to help manage the condition.

A study, published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, found there was a significant decrease in the number of prescriptions for asthma medications filled during the first months of pregnancy, compared with the months before pregnancy.

“Almost 30 per cent of women with asthma stop their controller therapy when they become pregnant,” the study said.

“This can lead to poor control of asthma and increased risk of exacerbations, along with risk of maternal and neonatal complications.

“There is room for improvement in treating asthma in pregnant women, which could lead to better health and care for mothers and children.”

Highlighting the importance of continued asthma management during pregnancy, the authors said a Global Initiative for Asthma report advised, “Pregnant women with asthma should be advised that greater risk to their baby lies with poorly controlled asthma and the safety of most modern asthma treatments should be stressed.”
They added that health professionals should keep up to date with research findings on the safety of asthma medications during pregnancy, and explain them to these patients.


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