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Four batches of EpiPen recalled

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Four batches of EpiPen recalled

Pharmacists have been advised that four batches of potentially faulty EpiPen 300mg adrenaline auto-injectors are being recalled

The TGA and Alphapharm issued an alert on Monday, saying that EpiPens from the affected batches may contain a faulty part and could fail to activate or require more force than usual to activate.

“There have been two confirmed reports of auto-injectors from these batches failing to activate correctly worldwide from approximately 80,000 devices distributed,” the TGA says.

“The proportion of these auto-injectors that have been used is not known."

The affected batch numbers are 5FA665, 5FA6651, 5FA6652 or 5FA6653 and all expire in April 2017.

Consumers are being urged to take the faulty EpiPens back to their local pharmacy for a replacement or a refund.

However, they should be advised to keep their current anti-injector until they get a replacement and use it if required, being mindful that they may need to apply more force that normal to activate it.

No other batches, including the EpiPen Jr 150mcg, have been affected by the faulty part and are not subject to this recall.

More information:

TGA alert


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