Under review

Controversial caps on home medicine review numbers should be reviewed in the wake of new research that demonstrated HMRs clinical and financial value, a leading clinical pharmacist believes.

A systematic review of 63 Australian studies provides compelling evidence on the benefits of HMRs says Debbie Rigby.

“There should be no more debate by our profession, the medical profession or the Government on the value of HMRs to consumers and the health system,” says Ms Rigby, a consultant clinical pharmacist.

“I think this systematic review should be sufficient evidence for the [government’s proposed] evaluation to ensure the ongoing funding for HMRs throughout the 6CPA and beyond”.

In fact, Ms Rigby says the findings should stimulate discussions to expand the funding for HMRs – with an increase from the current cap of 20 reviews per month per accredited pharmacist, to 20 per week. 

Among the findings from the review are: