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News Round Up

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News Round Up

E-health made easier

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) has released a number of new e-Health services for healthcare providers and software vendors.

NEHTA CEO Peter Fleming said the new services will make it easier for healthcare providers and software vendors to connect to and use e-Health.

“Ultimately, we all want to see a critical mass of providers who are connected and meaningfully using e-Health to deliver better healthcare for patients. These new services will help achieve this,” Mr Fleming said.

Among the new initiatives are:

  • A new automated application tool for healthcare providers to use when registering for eHealth. The new eHealth online forms service provides customer support, tips and advice for healthcare providers.  
  • On demand eHealth training. This service will enable healthcare providers to familiarise themselves with the eHealth functions in their software.
  • Conformance, Compliance and Declaration for Software Vendors. This will improve the timeliness and affordability of connecting to the PCEHR for vendors by leveraging existing software development and processes within vendors and implementing organisations. 

Teaming up for disability

Blooms The Chemist has announced a new partnership with one of Australia’s largest disability organisations – House with No Steps.

The partnership will offer individuals supported by House with No Steps – people living with, caring for, and working with those with a disability – a dedicated service from pharmacists and staff in all 87 Blooms the Chemist pharmacies located throughout metropolitan and regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

These individuals will be able to access a range of in-store HealthChecks (sleep apnoea, cholesterol tests, blood pressure and stroke risk assessments, diabetes monitoring, and flu clinics); medication reviews, support and professional advice; free Webster packing or Dose Administration Aids (DAA) to ensure medicinal compliance; free delivery of medications (where possible); the Blooms Loyalty Program and a Blooms ID card.

Blooms the Chemist pharmacists will be available to discuss pain management, nutritional, behavioural and hydration issues, and any other matters regarding the quality use of medicines.

Who’s up for some ‘peeball’?

Chemist Warehouse has joined forces with the AFL Coaches Association to promote awareness of prostate cancer – by ‘playing peeball for Prostate’.

The Pee Ball device provides men with a fun, quick test that may show early signs of Prostate issues. Using a ‘Pee Ball’ as a tool, the campaign asks men to take the challenge and see how quickly they can break up the ‘Pee Ball’ with their flow. By participating in the challenge and possibly being made aware of a weaker flow that may have otherwise gone undetected; men are encouraged to see their GP if they have any concerns.

Chemist Warehouse COO Mario Tascone said “Chemist Warehouse is delighted to once again be part of this important initiative led by the AFLCA. Getting men talking about their health and wellbeing is the first step; now we are able to help even further by providing a tool to start the conversation, and challenging men to ‘Pee for Prostate’; with proceeds to Australian Prostate Cancer Research.”

New software partnership

Pharmacy Alliance, Australia’s leading independent pharmacy group, announced a new partnership agreement with Z Software at its annual Members’ Forum.

The Pharmacy Alliance and Z Software partnership will provide an integrated BOS and POS software solution for Pharmacy Alliance members, and allow the group’s member support office to better support its members.

Darren Dye CEO, Pharmacy Alliance said ‘I am extremely excited that we can provide our 504 members with a best-in class, simple dispensing solution, with advanced patient management that is fully integrated into a POS system that incorporates advanced reporting and analytics.

"Our members have asked for a POS and BOS solution for a number of years now that better meets their needs, is more cost effective and more responsive to requirements in the future."


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