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Pfizer Direct rejects calls for legislative intervention

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Pfizer Direct rejects calls for legislative intervention

Pfizer Australia believes the performance of its exclusive direct to pharmacy distribution service proves there is no need for Government intervention despite wholesaler fears.

Following the release of a Deloitte Access Economic report, commissioned by the National Pharmaceutical Services Association (NPSA), which called for legislation to be implemented to ensure pharmacy wholesalers have access to all PBS listed products, John Montgomery, head of Pfizer’s Established Products Business Unit, dismissed claims the Government needed to intervene.

“There is no evidence to suggest Government intervention in the distribution of medicines is necessary,” he said.

“Patients are receiving their medicines in a reliable and timely manner. We are simply delivering our own medicines to pharmacies, on time, effectively and efficiently.”

Mr Montgomery also rejected suggestions that the Pfizer Direct model threatened the viability of the Community Service Obligation (CSO) agreement and insisted its deed of agreement with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia contained similar delivery standards.

“We introduced our new business model in February this year [and] since then we have filled almost 200,000 pharmacy orders for our prescription medicines,” he said.

“More than 99.5 per cent of these orders have been delivered to pharmacies accurately and on time.

“Our deed of agreement with the Guild sets very similar rigorous standards to those outlined in the CSO. Orders that are placed before 1pm on business days are delivered by close of business on the next business day.

“We are not seeking to compete with the wholesalers. Our goal is to deliver our medicines in a timely and reliable manner so that they reach Australian consumers where and when they need them.”


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