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Pharmacy award available online: Guild

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Pharmacy award available online: Guild

Pharmacy owners have backed the Pharmacy Guild of Australia by hitting out at claims that details of the profession’s pay award are not available to employees.

Responding to a comment published in yesterday’s Pharmacy News, which suggested employees were prevented from finding out what the award rate is, a Guild spokesperson said the details were available online at the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website.

“As powerful as some people imagine the Guild to be, we cannot, and would not, prevent pharmacists from ascertaining the rates of pay in the widely published Federal award,” the spokesperson said.

“The Pharmacy Industry Award is a public document, and the up-to-date pay rates can easily be obtained through the Fair Work Ombudsman’s online pay rates calculator.”

In response to the comment, a pharmacy owner called Noel told Pharmacy News a copy of the award was available to his staff “any time they wish”.

“I also know however that we pay way above award which I believe is a guide as to the minimum you are allowed to be paid,” he said.

“It is certainly not what we pay our staff.”


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