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Pharmacy Council positions up for grabs

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Pharmacy Council positions up for grabs

The Australian Pharmacy Council Ltd (APC) is calling for applications and nominations for membership of its governing council and two operational committees: the Examining Committee and the Accreditation Committee. 

There are two councillor (director) positions available from 1 July 2013. Appointments are for an initial three year term, and councillors are eligible to reapply at the end of that term. 

The council’s Examining Committee has two new positions available. One is for an early career pharmacist and the second is for a specialist in statistics/psychometrics or assessment. 

The Accreditation Committee also has two positions available for academic members from the second half of 2013. 

Applicants may self-nominate or be nominated by their organisation. Nominees should provide a short relevant Curriculum Vitae and a letter briefly addressing each selection criteria. An overview of the positions and selection criteria are available on the APC website: 

Applications must reach the APC office by midnight Sunday 21 April 2013, preferably by e-mail to or posted to: 

Ms Bronwyn Clark 

Chief Executive Officer 

Australian Pharmacy Council 

PO Box 269 

Civic Square ACT 2608



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