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Seven principles of being an ethical Aussie pharmacist

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Seven principles of being an ethical Aussie pharmacist

The PSA has released a revised code of ethics for pharmacists.

 The code comprises seven principles aligned to three ethical values. These are:

  1. Care;
  2. Integrity; and
  3. Competency.

The seven principles are that a pharmacist:

  1. Demonstrates a commitment to the continual development of self and the profession to enhance pharmacy practice;
  2. Works collaboratively with others to deliver patient-centred care and optimise health outcomes;
  3. Makes the health and wellbeing of the patient their first priority;
  4. Practises and promotes patient-centred care;
  5. Exercises professional judgment in the interests of the patient and wider community.
  6. Acts with honesty and integrity to maintain public trust and confidence in the profession; and
  7. Practises only under conditions which uphold the professional independence, judgment and integrity of themselves and others.

 “The revised Code clearly articulates the behaviours and values expected in our profession,” says Grant Kardachi, who led the review process.

The revised code has been endorsed by the Pharmacy Board of Australia. One of the aims is to

A number of practice support tools to assist pharmacists with implementing the code are scheduled for release in March, and the PSA wants all pharmacists to prominently display a summary of the Code.

  For more information and to download the full revised code, visit the PSA website.


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