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Six things to know about swelling pharmacist workforce

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Six things to know about swelling pharmacist workforce

Pharmacists’ ranks have swelled by over 3000 in the past five years, the latest Pharmacy Board figures show.

There were 29,199 practising pharmacists as of March 2017 - 3607 more than exactly five years earlier, when there were 25,592.

Here are six things to know about the pharmacy workforce:

  • The number of pharmacists increased by 589 in the 12 months to March 2017.
  • The profession is dominated by young pharmacists, given the surge in the number of pharmacy graduates in recent years. Over half (18,519) are aged from under 25 through to 39. 
  • 69 pharmacists aged 80 and over are practising. There are 225 pharmacists aged 75 to 79 and 370 aged 70 to 74 years.
  • The number of pharmacists drops sharply from the age of 40. There are 2556 pharmacists aged 40 to 44 compared with 5695 aged 25 to 29.
  • There are nearly 7000 more women than men (18,066 versus 11,133).
  • Six pharmacists had limited registration because they were in supervised practice or undergoing postgraduate training.

The figures include all pharmacists with general, provisional or limited registration.  There are 1088 registered, non-practising pharmacists.

Click here to view the full Pharmacy Board statistics.


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