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TGA backs consumer adverts for ulipristal

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TGA backs consumer adverts for ulipristal

The TGA has agreed that consumer advertising should be allowed for the emergency contraceptive ulipristal.

This will help increase public awareness and access to ulipristal (branded EllaOne) and therefore reduce unplanned pregnancies, says the TGA.

It noted that the sponsor would discuss advertising with pharmacy organisations to ensure a focus on the availability of emergency contraception through pharmacies.

The decision will take effect from 1 February 2018 if the TGA’s recommendation is endorsed.

“A delayed start date will give some lead time for pharmacists to gain experience with the relatively new Schedule 3 listing, “ the TGA says.

Ulipristal was listed on the pharmacist-only schedule in February.

The TGA notes there is little potential for misuse because ulipristal is low dose and available as a single tablet.

Risk of misuse would also be mitigated through pharmacist counseling and supply.

“Ulipristal is not an abortifacient therefore the risk of abuse is minimal.”

Consumer advertising of ulipristal is currently allowed in 25 countries, with 13 allowing brand advertisements.


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