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The jab given the green light

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The jab given the green light

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has publically supported the NSW Government’s decision to grant pharmacists the power to administer the flu vaccination.

These new powers mean pharmacists will no longer have to hire a nurse or doctor to give the jab with customers able to request a vaccination costing from $24.90 to $30 on the spot from as early as midyear.

NSW Guild President Paul Sinclair said the move by the NSW Government to allow vaccinations is a significant “Step forward” for health care in the state.

“This is a common sense move which benefit the health care of consumers in NSW, bringing that State into line with those other Australian jurisdictions which have already taken the step,” Mr Sinclair said.

The Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia have already introduced the legislation and Queensland are in their second year of a trial which has seen 11,000 people get the jab.

“It also brings NSW up to speed with most comparable countries where the benefits of pharmacist vaccination have been in place for some time, including the United States, the UK and New Zealand,” he said.

“On the basis of the trial results in Queensland last year, this step means thousands of NSW adults, who otherwise might not have sought vaccination, will now have the benefit of convenient and safe vaccination by pharmacists at their local pharmacy.

Mr Sinclair said the Guild congratulates the NSW Government for proceeding with this sensible health advance. 

“It is good for NSW health consumers that the baseless campaign by some doctor groups against this common sense measure has been ignored.

“Some doctor representatives have waged a campaign against pharmacist vaccination which appears to have been motivated at least as much by the desire to swipe Medicare cards, as by any genuine concerns about the safety of the process,” he said.

Pharmacists would be allowed to start giving flu jabs following the end of a consultation period with key health stakeholders on training, competency and credentialing standards, which would be approved within the first 100 days of parliament.

“Appropriate accredited training courses have now been developed and consultation has begun to develop an agreed set of standards to support the new regulation,” Health Minister Jillian Skinner said.

“Allowing pharmacies to offer this vaccination service has the potential to enhance health outcomes and reduce the burden on NSW hospitals during peak winter periods.”


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