What you need to know about latest medication shortage

Testosterone product will be unavailable for several months
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Testosterone replacement therapy Testogel will be unavailable in sachets for several months because of a global shortage.

Manufacturer Besins Healthcare has blamed the disruption on manufacturing issues in Europe.

There has also been increased demand for the sachets following the withdrawal of Axiron from the market last November, a spokesperson says.

Here are four things to know:

  • Testogel is not being discontinued.
  • There are no supply issues with the Testogel metered dose pump.
  • Substitution is not allowed at a pharmacy level so patients need to get a prescription for the metered dose pump as soon as possible to avoid treatment delays.
  • GPs can contact the PBS for authority to write a prescription for the pump presentation without the need to send the patient back to their specialist.

Pharmacy Guild Victoria president Anthony Tassone says in his experience Testogel is not a highly dispensed item.

“But when any medicine is in short supply it’s frustrating for patients, doctors and pharmacists, particularly when patients are on long-term therapy.”