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    • Fresh new look for Mintec

      Leading irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) treatment Mintec is now available in new, redesigned packaging.

    • Rub away joint pain

      FisiocremSolugel is a natural solution for muscle and joint pain, applied to the skin by gently rubbing the solution on to the affected area.

    • Doubling up a winning vitamin formula

      Cenovis has added four new products to its popular ONCE Daily vitamin range — including an enhanced men’s and women’s multi, a hair, skin and nails supplement, and a krill & fish oil…

    • Ready to rehydrate

      Gastrolyte ready to drink formula - a quick and easy option for mild dehydration - is now available in pharmacies.

    • Nail fungus

      Bayer has launched the Canesten Fungal Nail Treatment Set – a new pharmacy only product for the treatment of fungal nail infections which treats the condition in just six to seven weeks.

    • Blow hayfever away with FESS

      Blow hayfever away with FESS

      If you suffer from allergies, we don’t need to tell you that hayfever means feeling miserable due to a blocked nose, streaming itchy eyes and a heavy head.

    • Repairing the ecosystem

      Repairing the ecosystem

      Aci-Jel Restore soothes, moisturises and relieves vaginal dryness, irritation and discomfort.

    • Iron out deficiences

      Iron out deficiences

      For customers needing additional iron - look no further. The Ferro Iron Supplements range provides the only iron tablets and oral liquid available on the PBS.

    • I can see clearly now

      Your eyes can look and feel clearer in minutes with a little help from Murine eyes drops.

    • New Dolased bulk packs

      For more convenience Chemists’ Own has released Dolased analgesic calmative tablets in a larger 40’s pack size.

    • Healthy balance

      Symbion has expanded its iconic Faulding range with the launch of two new complementary products including Faulding Krill Oil and Faulding Liver Balance.

    • Lemon lift

      Need a lift? Hairy Lemon is the ideal formulation that helps optimise energy levels, aid the recovery process and improve mental alertness.

    • Get ready for action

      Get ready for action

      Lubri-Gel personal lubricant is a smooth, clear, natural feeling, non-greasy, water soluble gel ideal for intimate use.

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