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Fears over naltrexone are unfounded, according to major review

Nevertheless, many doctors are reluctant to prescribe it over liver toxicity concerns.
22 January 2019

Real-time: SafeScript issues alerts for 3300 patients in two months

Victoria prepares to roll out the script-tracking software across the state in April.
08 January 2019

More evidence of pregabalin misuse: 12-fold spike in emergency calls

Is toughening PBS criteria the solution?
27 November 2018

Where does Australia rank in world drug overdose death rates?

Out of OCED 13 countries, we're right up there.
14 November 2018

DORA the ignorer: Prescription-tracking system failing to monitor all high-risk addictive drugs

Diazepam, quetiapine and fluoxetine contributed to ex-Navy submariner's death, says coroner.
03 October 2018

7 facts about the rising opioid death toll

Three-quarters are linked to prescription drugs
21 August 2018