Published Articles

Can pharmacists save thousands by pooling their buying power?

Pharmacist teams up with others to negotiate a better CSO deal.
14 February 2019

Are you missing out on great Facebook marketing opportunities?

Seven things to know about the most popular social media tool.
12 February 2019

Pharmacy sales boom with vendors receiving multiple offers

Demand is pushing prices higher and reducing time on market.
05 December 2018

Five things to know about PBS approval and other admin changes

The Department of Health is taking over approvals from Human Services.
05 November 2018

Unsentimental Anthony White says only good things can come from EBOS buyout

He will remain at the helm of Terry White Group after sale.
22 October 2018

Priceline changes strategy to focus on bigger stores

CEO says one big pharmacy is more efficient than four smaller ones.
18 October 2018

Small pharmacies claim MedAdvisor is steering patients away from them

They say the app favours the branded chains.
17 October 2018

Leading doctor slams straying pharmacists but calls for right to dispense

AMA’s Zappala says pharmacies have a conflict of interests.
10 October 2018

Lucy Walker spreads her wings after winning new honour

She will visit pharmacies in the New Zealand, UK, US and Canada.
09 October 2018