Published Articles

Cosmetics chemical doesn't cause breast cancer in older women: study

But researchers say a question mark hangs over the role of the plastics in earlier life.
18 February 2019

5 reasons to stop calling low-risk cancers 'cancer'

A name change is needed and one of the most important steps to improving quality of life, says expert.
30 January 2019

Fake news: Aussie media 'misleading public' about sun safety

Readers often given unsafe sun exposure advice and encouraged to abandon sun safety practices, researchers say.
09 January 2019

6 reasons to be circumspect about medical cannabis

Physicians say the drug seems to hold some promise, but much more evidence is needed.
09 January 2019

Now men can get a testes exam without all that awkward eye contact

Kiwis invent world's first 'auto ball-checker' for the shy male patient.
19 November 2018

Why sitting is not the new smoking

Comparing the two trivialises the very real risks of smoking, say researchers.
06 November 2018

Olanzapine a potential antiemetic during chemo

The principal adverse effect appears to be tiredness, say researchers.
25 October 2018

Pass it on: Today's top taste-bud tip for chemo patients

Try this simple supplement in those with affected taste buds.
02 October 2018

Why cured hep C patients still need monitoring

Direct-acting antivirals don't eliminate the risk of cancer, doctors warn
15 August 2018

Where does Australia rank in the world for skin cancer?

You may be surprised which countries make the top 10
30 July 2018