Published Articles

Why are meds reviews missing this life-threatening complication?

Study suggests pharmacists are failing to identify cardiac risk.
11 December 2018

Are doctors overprescribing statins?

Study shows risks outweigh benefits for many taking the drugs for primary prevention.
11 December 2018

PPI co-therapy cuts risk of anticoagulant-related upper GI bleeds

Large US study also finds some NOACs increase risk of bleed more than others.
06 December 2018

Antiplatelet drugs may ease migraine in patients with patent foramen ovale

Platelet activation may play a role in the link between migraine and the common heart defect, say researchers.
03 December 2018

Patients missing out on vital statins after acute coronary syndrome

Intensive lipid-lowering therapy could reduce their risk of another event, say researchers.
29 November 2018

Mylan's valsartan tablets recalled over impurities

But the TGA says the greater risk is patients suddenly stopping the drug.
27 November 2018

Consider diabetes in your glowing patients

Luminosity tests could be performed in supermarkets and pharmacies to estimate risk, say researchers.
26 November 2018

Free thyroxine: even normal levels can raise risk of AF

Is the normal range ideal?
22 November 2018

Landmark linagliptin and dapagliflozin trials point to tailored treatment

Researchers assess cardiovascular and renal outcomes.
15 November 2018

Antihypertensives offer 'no benefit' in mild hypertension

Researchers suggest discussing lifestyle changes as an alternative to drug therapy.
31 October 2018