Published Articles

Phony pharmacist caught out after 10 years

She told US authorities she would be grateful if they could forget about the whole thing.
04 February 2019

Court describes pharmacist’s theft excuse as 'preposterous'

Video evidence proves he dipped his hand in the till for gain.
29 November 2018

Ramsay asks court to dismiss ownership challenge

The Guild is claiming that it has a financial interest in five pharmacies.
22 November 2018

Guild and Ramsay face off in court over ownership challenge

The next hearing will be held in November.
25 October 2018

Court rules on pharmacist’s claim of $100 million in damages

Shire council criticised over electricity shenanigans.
23 October 2018

Ramsay to 'vigorously' defend Guild court action

CEO says legal action over ownership laws won't stop its plans to expand.
19 September 2018

Guild tests ownership laws with Ramsay court action

It says it is in the public interest to ensure compliance is maintained and enforced.
17 September 2018

Class action launched against Bayer contraceptive

Experts suggest a complete hysterectomy is the only safe way to remove the device
14 August 2018