Published Articles

Read Australia's new sunscreen guidelines

Changes aim to protect against the incidental sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer.
31 January 2019

Fake news: Aussie media 'misleading public' about sun safety

Readers often given unsafe sun exposure advice and encouraged to abandon sun safety practices, researchers say.
09 January 2019

Dump the apps: automated instruments 'no good for melanoma'

Little evidence to support use of smartphones to self-assess suspicious skin lesions.
11 December 2018

New guidelines create a 'paradigm shift' in alopecia

An expert consensus advises to focus on the 30% of cases that don't spontaneously resolve.
05 December 2018

Dapsone effective for chronic urticaria

Many patients had previously failed first-line treatments, according to the study.
04 December 2018

Vitamin D doesn't ward off baby eczema

But a little ray of sunshine may do the trick, says world-first Aussie study.
25 October 2018

Can coffee help to clear rosacea?

Four cups a day may help stave off the skin condition, study shows.
22 October 2018

Stigma: The other danger associated with psoriasis

40% wouldn't shake hands with someone with the condition: study.
18 September 2018

The best complementary medicines for psoriasis

Researchers have weighed up 60 studies of alternative therapies
10 September 2018

Dermatologists warn of dangers of acrylic and gel nails

Loose nails, red rash, itch and even breathing difficulties can occur in nail allergy epidemic
16 August 2018