Published Articles

Australian GPs refuse to listen to pharmacists’ prescription concerns: study

New research shows power imbalance between dispensing and prescribing.
04 February 2019

Cautious welcome for compulsory reporting of medicine shortages

22 products are currently on the critical list, but these exclude metformin.
09 January 2019

Major direct-supply win for pharmacies and wholesalers

AstraZeneca reverses distribution decision.
04 December 2018

Is Australia heading for rationing of critical medicines?

What pharmacists need to know ahead of new shortages legislation.
26 November 2018

Banner group uses forecasting tool to manage shortages

Technology needs to go beyond dispensing robots, says director John Kardis.
22 November 2018

Five metformin products added to shortages list

The TGA is continuing to contact each sponsor to discuss supply.
19 November 2018

Are we heading for a repeat of the metformin shortages?

TGA contacts sponsors after Arrow Pharma reports supply issues.
15 November 2018

CCTV pictures show cool and calm dispensary burglar

The man took his time choosing what he wanted despite activating a security alarm
16 June 2016

Pharmacies accused of patient profiling

Claims patients with pain medication prescriptions are being turned away from US dispensaries, based on their appearance.
27 February 2015

Hospitals in risky dispensary cash grab

Discharged patients' continuity of care adversely impacted by public hospital cash focus.
04 February 2015