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7 procedures that do more harm than good

Hospital doctors are still performing inappropriate surgeries that can leave patients with severe complications: study.
05 March 2019

TGA revamps complementary meds indications

No more 'open body orifices' as watchdog seeks expert advice on dubious claims.
20 February 2019

Fake news: Aussie media 'misleading public' about sun safety

Readers often given unsafe sun exposure advice and encouraged to abandon sun safety practices, researchers say.
09 January 2019

6 reasons to be circumspect about medical cannabis

Physicians say the drug seems to hold some promise, but much more evidence is needed.
09 January 2019

6 medication 'do not dos' for GPs from the PSA

6 medication 'do not dos' for GPs from the PSA.
13 December 2018

Here's why pregnant women should be taking omega-3 fatty acid supplements

A Cochrane review reports that the supplements clearly lower the risk of preterm birth.
10 December 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway
20 November 2018

Laser danger: Doctors slam 'risky' therapy for vaginal atrophy

Oestrogen cream is still the gold standard, according to an MJA article that says patients should avoid lasers.
06 November 2018

'Incredibly unhelpful': Antidepressant guidelines need urgent update

These medications are causing withdrawal effects that are often long-lasting and severe, say researchers.
17 October 2018

Cochrane: Here's why we gave our co-founder his marching orders

Collaboration cites ongoing disruptive behaviour and personal views presented as Cochrane conclusions. .
02 October 2018