Published Articles

Faecal transplants beat antibiotics in recurrent C. diff

The procedure is more effective than fidaxomicin and vancomycin.
17 January 2019

PPI co-therapy cuts risk of anticoagulant-related upper GI bleeds

Large US study also finds some NOACs increase risk of bleed more than others.
06 December 2018

New blood test may monitor coeliac disease

Endoscopy could be avoided with assay that also detects mucosal healing, researchers say.
21 November 2018

Coeliac disease vaccine trial underway

Proof-of-concept study will determine if the therapy can prevent the need for a gluten-free diet.
01 November 2018

Beware: This parasite mimics IBD symptoms

There's a 'serious risk' if the patient is treated with corticosteroids.
24 October 2018

Antidepressants and counselling may help IBS

Researchers are looking at the connection between brain and gut.
02 October 2018

Antibiotics safe for uncomplicated appendicitis: study

Patients who eventually had to have an appendectomy were not negatively affected by the delay.
27 September 2018

Negative colonoscopy means FOBT can be delayed for four years

Simultaneously, a new clinical guide aims to standardise hospital reports to GPs.
24 September 2018