Published Articles

Dump the apps: automated instruments 'no good for melanoma'

Little evidence to support use of smartphones to self-assess suspicious skin lesions.
11 December 2018

New guidelines create a 'paradigm shift' in alopecia

An expert consensus advises to focus on the 30% of cases that don't spontaneously resolve.
05 December 2018

Aussie-funded study calls for new BP guidelines

It was a mistake to lower targets for patients at high risk of major CV events, research indicates
12 November 2015

Medicines update

This week: New guidelines for compounding medicines, a new anti-depressant available and a cancer drug listed on PBS.
23 April 2015

Updated guidelines on compounding

The Pharmacy Board of Australia has released new guidelines and other tools for registered pharmacists who compound medicines.
03 March 2015

Don’t delegate DAA pack checks, Board warns

Pharmacists must dedicate time to checking packed dose administration aids and not delegate this task to other staff, the Pharmacy Board of Australia has warned.
22 October 2014

Medicines update

Common antibiotic linked to cardio deaths; Hypertension guidelines need overhaul; Toilet treats.
20 August 2014