Published Articles

Skin patch for kids with peanut allergy shows promise

But trial results failed to meet a statistical element of the primary outcome, say researchers.
26 February 2019

1 in 5 report some form of food intolerance

And overall, one in 10 are allergic to at least one food, US study suggests.
08 January 2019

Remind customers not to leave EpiPens in hot cars

Glove compartments are the hottest spot and adrenaline concentrations drop, study finds.
13 December 2018

Worth a shot: Immunotherapy effective in severe eczema

The case report adds to evidence in support of subcutaneous allergy therapy.
26 November 2018

Oral immunotherapy could provide 'safety net' for kids with peanut allergy

Children and adolescents were able to build up their tolerance to peanut protein, say researchers.
22 November 2018

In allergic asthma, don’t neglect the upper airway

Upper and lower airway diseases are a medical construct, says expert.
09 October 2017

Four batches of EpiPen recalled

Pharmacists have been advised that four batches of potentially faulty EpiPen 300mg adrenaline auto-injectors are being recalled
20 March 2017

Anaphylaxis alert over 'natural' skincare products

'Natural' skincare products can cause food allergen sensitisation and severe anaphylactic reactions when applied to broken skin, allergists warn.
11 September 2014