Published Articles

How much fibre lowers the risk of diseases?

Nutrition advice should encourage people to increase wholegrain consumption, says researcher.
15 January 2019

Sweet nothings: no benefit from artificial sugar

There's no evidence to suggest artificial sweeteners help with weight control.
09 January 2019

Why sitting is not the new smoking

Comparing the two trivialises the very real risks of smoking, say researchers.
06 November 2018

Here's why treating early risk signs of diabetes may be a good idea

None of the patients taking three medications developed the disease, study shows.
05 November 2018

Did intermittent fasting help reverse their type 2 diabetes?

Patients lost weight and ended up ditching their insulin.
17 October 2018

How to help leg ulcers heal

Combination of heel raises, aerobic activity and compression bandages works best.
04 October 2018

The real thing? Coca-Cola contemplating cannabidiol in drinks

It says it's 'closely watching' the growth of health drinks infused with the substance.
20 September 2018

It’s hard to believe, but this is an Aussie pharmacy

Discount chain does a roaring trade with health foods and environmentally friendly products
28 June 2018