Published Articles

Are doctors overprescribing statins?

Study shows risks outweigh benefits for many taking the drugs for primary prevention.
11 December 2018

PPI co-therapy cuts risk of anticoagulant-related upper GI bleeds

Large US study also finds some NOACs increase risk of bleed more than others.
06 December 2018

Should patients be warned to declare medication to employers?

Man dismissed after random drug test revealed he had taken Nurofen Plus.
05 December 2018

Here are the top 10 drugs prescribed in Australia

Statins and antihypertensives top the list of most common scripts.
04 December 2018

Patients missing out on vital statins after acute coronary syndrome

Intensive lipid-lowering therapy could reduce their risk of another event, say researchers.
29 November 2018

Real-world switch to biosimilar goes smoothly: study

There is no negative impact for patients, Danish researchers report.
29 November 2018

More evidence of pregabalin misuse: 12-fold spike in emergency calls

Is toughening PBS criteria the solution?
27 November 2018

Doctors' last-ditch drug choice saves patient with status asthmaticus

The patient had already been given prednisone for eight days.
21 November 2018

Introduction of naloxone combo may have encouraged oxycodone use

An increased uptake of the combination drug likely 'related to its effects on constipation'.
19 November 2018

Atypical periprosthetic femoral fractures associated with bisphosphonates

Benefits for osteoporotic patients 'probably outweigh risk'.
05 November 2018