Published Articles

Board plans tougher stance on doctors who offer CAM

The proposal would cover the gamut from herbal remedies to experimental stem cell treatments.
19 February 2019

Phony pharmacist caught out after 10 years

She told US authorities she would be grateful if they could forget about the whole thing.
04 February 2019

Court finds Health Minister erred by allowing pharmacy to open

He failed to give genuine and realistic consideration to objections.
31 January 2019

Tribunal describes S8 dispensing as disgraceful

Pharmacist claims ‘character assassination on a world scale’.
10 January 2019

Pharmacist $5500 out of pocket over testosterone sale

He appeared before the state tribunal after being charged in court.
08 January 2019

Remorseful pharmacist sanctioned over oxycodone lapse

He blamed employment issues for his inappropriate dispensing.
06 November 2018

Former AMA president struck off for five years

Dr Keith Woollard was found guilty for performing angioplasties without the necessary training.
05 November 2018

GP struck off for prescribing to doctor-shoppers blames lack of training

He practised for seven years before learning about authority script system, tribunal finds.
04 October 2018

Pharmacists face inquiry over failing to reject prescription

Board believes they did not exercise their professional judgement.
03 October 2018