Published Articles

Are general practice roles a recipe for a turf war?

Study suggests pharmacists could face resistance from nurses and doctors.
18 February 2019

Cosmetics chemical doesn't cause breast cancer in older women: study

But researchers say a question mark hangs over the role of the plastics in earlier life.
18 February 2019

Why regularly weighing pregnant patients is important

Asking mums-to-be to step on the scales delivers weight-related positives.
18 February 2019

GPs warned off quetiapine for anxiety

The drug is poorly tolerated when compared with placebo, study finds.
18 February 2019

Can pharmacists save thousands by pooling their buying power?

Pharmacist teams up with others to negotiate a better CSO deal.
14 February 2019

SafeScript proves its mettle in first four months

System alerts pharmacists about thousands of patients at risk.
13 February 2019

PSA launches action plan to boost pharmacy role and remuneration

There are 11 prerequisites for success.
13 February 2019

Are you missing out on great Facebook marketing opportunities?

Seven things to know about the most popular social media tool.
12 February 2019

Sports concussion in adolescents: gentle exercise speeds recovery

But sensible limits must be set, say researchers.
12 February 2019

Poor glycaemic control tied to raised fracture risk

Those with vascular complications such as retinopathy face an even higher risk: study.
12 February 2019