Published Articles

Sports concussion in adolescents: gentle exercise speeds recovery

But sensible limits must be set, say researchers.
12 February 2019

Be on the lookout for chubby bubbies

Early weight gain in the under-twos puts them at higher risk of future cardiometabolic disease: study.
11 February 2019

Is this vaccination behind a drop in paediatric type 1 diabetes cases?

Oral rotavirus vaccine given to infants may have a protective effect, say Aussie researchers.
24 January 2019

Consider probiotics in kids with abdominal pain

Live bacteria get the thumbs-up from Cochrane in update of earlier review.
08 January 2019

5 key facts about atypical anorexia

Study findings a 'cogent reminder' to monitor weight loss in adolescents at any weight.
06 December 2018

Why milk allergies need attention too

More young kids are allergic to milk than peanuts, but they're less likely to carry an EpiPen
27 November 2018

Oral immunotherapy could provide 'safety net' for kids with peanut allergy

Children and adolescents were able to build up their tolerance to peanut protein, say researchers.
22 November 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway
20 November 2018

5 do-not-dos in paediatric asthma

Avoid combination therapy as first treatment, according to the latest list.
14 November 2018