Published Articles

6 reasons to be circumspect about medical cannabis

Physicians say the drug seems to hold some promise, but much more evidence is needed.
09 January 2019

Real-time: SafeScript issues alerts for 3300 patients in two months

Victoria prepares to roll out the script-tracking software across the state in April.
08 January 2019

More evidence of pregabalin misuse: 12-fold spike in emergency calls

Is toughening PBS criteria the solution?
27 November 2018

Introduction of naloxone combo may have encouraged oxycodone use

An increased uptake of the combination drug likely 'related to its effects on constipation'.
19 November 2018

Stiff shoe inserts a boon in osteoarthritis of the toe: study

Pain reduction seen with carbon-fibre insole.
22 October 2018

Which drug should be used first for chronic sciatica?

When two drugs were compared, one delivered better pain relief with fewer side effects.
18 October 2018

Antidepressant value in back pain unclear

But it's still an option worth considering in some patients, says researcher.
08 October 2018

GP struck off for prescribing to doctor-shoppers blames lack of training

He practised for seven years before learning about authority script system, tribunal finds.
04 October 2018

Pregabalin of no benefit in sciatica

Pregabalin is no better than placebo in treating sciatica, an Australian randomised controlled trial shows.
24 March 2017

What you need to know about dormant butt syndrome

There are two main causes, and only one of them involves sitting
27 May 2016