Published Articles

Poor glycaemic control tied to raised fracture risk

Those with vascular complications such as retinopathy face an even higher risk: study.
12 February 2019

Patients who miss GP appointments die earlier: study

Even an occasional no-show is bad for your health.
16 January 2019

Hospital patients discharged 'quicker and sicker' over Christmas

The holiday period carries higher risks of death or readmission, researchers say.
13 December 2018

7 fibs that 80% of patients tell their doctors

Most common reasons for lying were not wanting to be judged or lectured, survey shows .
04 December 2018

Patients want in-home pharmacy care

Plus three key findings from the Guild's latest survey.
19 September 2018

Stigma: The other danger associated with psoriasis

40% wouldn't shake hands with someone with the condition: study.
18 September 2018

Hospitals told: Don't write to GPs, write to patients

This should help patients better understand what's going on, says new UK guidance
13 September 2018

How Australians rank pharmacists for ethics

Survey compares professions and professionals
03 September 2018

Phantom smells are a real thing, study finds

Women and smokers are more likely to report phantom odour perception
27 August 2018

Gance infuriates Guild with attack on pharmacy ownership laws

He says corporates are less inclined to act unethically than small proprietors
21 August 2018