Published Articles

Faecal transplants beat antibiotics in recurrent C. diff

The procedure is more effective than fidaxomicin and vancomycin.
17 January 2019

Dapsone effective for chronic urticaria

Many patients had previously failed first-line treatments, according to the study.
04 December 2018

Australian study shows doctors inclined to accept pharmacists’ recommendations

Researchers assess doctors’ responses to dose and medication suggestions.
07 November 2018

Will future GPs prescribe placebo pills?

They seem to work, even when used open-label.
11 October 2018

Could a cannabis extract be used as an antipsychotic?

Scientists use brain scans to determine if cannabidiol may help treat psychosis
03 September 2018

1 in 20 UTIs caused by superbugs

It may be impossible to identify which patients are at risk, say researchers
28 August 2018

Injectable migraine treatment approved for use

But there’s a catch: it’s expensive
27 August 2018

New advice on which drugs are best for ADHD

International experts examined seven drugs used to treat the disease
08 August 2018