Published Articles

Meet the new president of the PSA

Chris Freeman has a track record of making things happen.
14 March 2019

Is customer loyalty more important than trading terms?

Advantage's Steven Kastrinakis shares his top 5 tips for independents.
11 March 2019

Should pharmacists be able to sign off on patient asthma plans?

Discussion paper suggests a shift away from GP-centric model.
07 March 2019

Board proposes three models for pharmacist-prescribing of S4s and S8s

Discussion paper suggests only one option would require significant training.
06 March 2019

What you need to know about Pharmacy of the Year winners

The health minister will announce the overall champion at APP this week.
05 March 2019

APP: Top 20 sessions you have to see

The conference runs ahead of the federal election, so it will be buzzing.
25 February 2019

Are general practice roles a recipe for a turf war?

Study suggests pharmacists could face resistance from nurses and doctors.
18 February 2019

Meet Steve Kastrinakis, the accidental banner group owner

In the past four years, membership at Advantage Pharmacy has more than quadrupled.
23 January 2019

Six Pharmacy of the Year finalists announced

Innovation and personalising the patient experience are common themes.
23 January 2019

Symbion parent inks exclusive supply deal with Chemist Warehouse Group

The company will take over supply to 450 stores, generating $1bn revenue in first year.
20 November 2018