Published Articles

Female pharmacists take seats at the top table

The Pharmacy Guild is following through with its push for greater gender equality, with three female pharmacists taking up board positions.
25 March 2017

Thousands of pharmacies to pay less in Guild membership fees

Guild membership fees for thousands of pharmacies are set to drop this year — by more than 20% in some cases.
21 March 2017

It’s time to put the patient back into healthcare

Pharmacy is about much more than ‘medicine’, says Pharmacy Connect speaker
13 September 2016

Tambassis upbeat about price disclosure and young pharmacists

Our video team caught up with the Guild president at Pharmacy Connect
12 September 2016

Chinese pharmacists flock to Australia

Their visit follows a free trade agreement between the two countries
21 April 2016

The year of rattled cages and difficult questions

APP speakers did not shy away from controversy as they tackled the future of pharmacy
23 March 2016


Guild executive member quoted out of context
27 February 2016

Australians top global pain index

68% say they suffer aches at least weekly, according to 14-country survey
26 February 2016

Controversy follows talcum powder cancer case

Any link between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer is weak, says epidemiology expert
26 February 2016

Medical cannabis bill passed in Lower House

The TGA is considering a proposal to reschedule cannabis to schedule 8 from 9
26 February 2016