Published Articles

Meet the new president of the PSA

Chris Freeman has a track record of making things happen.
14 March 2019

Should pharmacists be able to sign off on patient asthma plans?

Discussion paper suggests a shift away from GP-centric model.
07 March 2019

Board proposes three models for pharmacist-prescribing of S4s and S8s

Discussion paper suggests only one option would require significant training.
06 March 2019

What you need to know about changes to location rules

The distance requirements have been reduced and a loophole has been closed.
24 September 2018

New law gives pharmaceutical companies two days to report shortages

There'll be major penalties for those that don’t comply
11 September 2018

9 ways pharmacists can boost their role

The PSA is seeking feedback in its plan
30 July 2018

Dear Pharmacist: which party is the champion of your cause?

And, while we’ve got your attention, who do you think will win this Saturday’s election?
30 June 2016

Ministers not endorsing Harper Review

Government response to call for pharmacy deregulation has been lukewarm.
03 April 2015

Election manifesto proposes big savings

PSA pushes for expansion of pharmacist role and services ahead of NSW election.
20 February 2015