Published Articles

Long-term study finds vitamin D deficiency linked to schizophrenia

Ensuring pregnant women have enough of the vitamin may prevent cases, researchers say.
10 December 2018

5 key facts about atypical anorexia

Study findings a 'cogent reminder' to monitor weight loss in adolescents at any weight.
06 December 2018

DORA the ignorer: Prescription-tracking system failing to monitor all high-risk addictive drugs

Diazepam, quetiapine and fluoxetine contributed to ex-Navy submariner's death, says coroner.
03 October 2018

Antidepressants and counselling may help IBS

Researchers are looking at the connection between brain and gut.
02 October 2018

Could a cannabis extract be used as an antipsychotic?

Scientists use brain scans to determine if cannabidiol may help treat psychosis
03 September 2018