Published Articles

'Unusually high' spike in summer flu sparks vax reminder

More than 7000 cases have been reported to health authorities nationally.
11 February 2019

Was the Pill's 21/7 regime really invented to please the Pope?

Critics say the seven-day break has always been unnecessary but was introduced in the hope it would make the Pill acceptable to the Catholic Church. But are the claims true?
05 February 2019

How to keep 325,000 Australians away from hospital

About 50% medication errors are avoidable, says PSA.
31 January 2019

Sydney hospital physician calls for pharmacies to sell MDMA

This would reduce the number of death from impurities and uncertain doses, he says.
30 January 2019

Australia needs better allergen monitoring in the face of climate change

The nation is highly vulnerable to more thunderstorm asthma events and needs better equipment to track allergens, says researcher.
10 December 2018

Are condom sales down? This might be why

Sex workers report rising demand for condomless sex.
06 December 2018

Flu vax prevents 1 in 5 deaths, ICU admissions

Large study confirms protective effect in vaccinated people who go on to contract the virus.
03 December 2018

Rubella elimination a 'testament to success of NIP'

The WHO says rubella has been wiped out in Australia.
01 November 2018

Patients give pharmacists almost perfect marks for flu vaccination

Almost all say they will continue to use the service.
30 October 2018

Is aspirin worth it in the under-70s?

There are twice as many CVD events averted as there are bleeds in five years, say researchers.
29 October 2018