Published Articles

How much do you know about nutrition?

Now’s the time to use that knowledge in an Australian pharmacy study
28 May 2016

Surprising results from fish oil study

Australian research looks at low and high doses for knee OA
23 September 2015

Not evidence based

Pharmacists’ not sticking to evidence in paediatric asthma management
02 September 2015

Safe therapies underused in menopausal women

Women neglecting first line treatments
20 August 2015

Study shows how to improve medication adherence

An Irish study shows an 80% success rate is achievable
04 July 2015

Patients unaware of modified meds danger

The majority of people who crush tablets or open capsules for easier consumption are unaware of the associated risks, new research shows.
11 March 2015

Concerns over long-term paracetamol use

Risks of long-term use highlighted by new study.
05 March 2015

Room for improvement in frequency of HMR referrals

Doctor engagement in HMR-related behaviours remains low, study reveals.
26 February 2015

Study rates antidepressants for suicide danger

Review compares serotonin reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, mirtazapine and venlafaxine.
23 February 2015

Vit D supplements not recommended for depression

Research suggests the use of vitamin D to treat depression is not effective.
20 February 2015