Published Articles

Metformin shortages continue with 19 products unavailable

MMRV vaccine disruption averted thanks to substitute product.
21 March 2019

FDA approval of ketamine spray signals 'major shift' in depression therapy

It is 'quite likely' the TGA will approve the drug to treat resistant depression in Australia, says psychiatrist.
18 March 2019

ARBs to be tested over contamination concerns

The move from the TGA follows the withdrawal of two valsartan brands last year.
28 February 2019

Appendix M: Will a revamped schedule open the way for more pharmacist-only medicines?

Oral contraceptives, triptans and melatonin among seven products on the short-list.
26 February 2019

TGA revamps complementary meds indications

No more 'open body orifices' as watchdog seeks expert advice on dubious claims.
20 February 2019

New weight-loss drug combines naltrexone and bupropion

However, the withdrawal rates from earlier trials was as high as 50%.
11 February 2019

Metformin shortage worsens

Four products added to TGA website.
28 November 2018

Mylan's valsartan tablets recalled over impurities

But the TGA says the greater risk is patients suddenly stopping the drug.
27 November 2018

TGA calls for extreme caution after off-label prescription death

Perth man ingests toxic quantity of medication by mistake.
27 September 2018

TGA rejects sildenafil OTC application

Downscheduling could delay diagnosis of CVD, committee concludes
13 September 2018