Published Articles

Metformin shortage worsens

Four products added to TGA website.
28 November 2018

Mylan's valsartan tablets recalled over impurities

But the TGA says the greater risk is patients suddenly stopping the drug.
27 November 2018

TGA calls for extreme caution after off-label prescription death

Perth man ingests toxic quantity of medication by mistake.
27 September 2018

TGA rejects sildenafil OTC application

Downscheduling could delay diagnosis of CVD, committee concludes
13 September 2018

New law gives pharmaceutical companies two days to report shortages

There'll be major penalties for those that don’t comply
11 September 2018

Class action launched against Bayer contraceptive

Experts suggest a complete hysterectomy is the only safe way to remove the device
14 August 2018

Pharmacies face ordering red tape as EpiPen shortage drags on

Each partial shipment triggers a new need for paperwork
07 August 2018