Published Articles

6 things you need to know about the crackdown on exclusive supply

Wholesalers welcome the decision but still have concerns.
06 December 2018

Major direct-supply win for pharmacies and wholesalers

AstraZeneca reverses distribution decision.
04 December 2018

Symbion parent inks exclusive supply deal with Chemist Warehouse Group

The company will take over supply to 450 stores, generating $1bn revenue in first year.
20 November 2018

DHL's CEO takes on Mark Hooper in debate

He says exclusive supply is more efficient than wholesaler delivery.
11 October 2018

ACCC gives all-clear to new generic giant

It says it will not oppose planned merger by Arrow and Apotex.
20 September 2018

The hot topics

The big issues this week: biosimilar switch, prescription drugs overdose, supplement sales skyrocket and the big year for wholesaler
01 September 2015

Wholesalers want to make supply chain better

Better use of data will help pharmacy wholesalers deliver a better medicinces distribution system, Patrick Davies, National Pharmaceutical Services Association president believes.
14 March 2014